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Aligner ses équipes marketing et sales : modèle PDF de SLA

Dans l'industrie, les équipes marketing et commerciales devraient travailler main dans la main pour servir les objectifs de l'entreprise. Le Service-

Level Agreement (SLA) va permettre d'établir un process clair et ainsi générer plus de leads et conclure plus de ventes.

Utilisez ce modèle PDF personnalisable pour créer votre propre marketing & sales SLA :

  • Définition des objectifs de l'entreprise et de chaque équipe
  • Les transferts d'opportunités d'une équipes à l'autre
  • Définition des responsabilités de chaque équipe
  • Les retours d'informations et de communication 
  • Le reporting
  • Les échanges de feedback
  • L'analyse des performances

Un SLA et des points points réguliers entre vos équipes permettront une meilleure collaboration interne et l'atteinte des objectifs communs les plus ambitieux 😉 ! 


Why landing pages are important


Easily generate leads

Use your landing page as a powerful tool for lead generation. By directing your traffic to a targeted landing page, you can capture leads at a much higher rate. These leads can then be easily segmented, nurtured or distributed further.


Give your offers a place to live

Landing pages are perfect places to put your marketing offers on. They act as a collection tool for personal information that your website prospects provide, in exchange for your free offer.


Obtain demographics

By completing a landing page form, a lead provides you with valuable information about themselves. Marketing can use this information to understand what visitors are converting, while sales can get prior details about a prospect, before reaching out to them.


Understand engagement

Landing pages not only enable you to generate new leads, but can also help to identify which prospects are more engaged. This enables you to collect intelligence on your leads' behaviour and website activities, which your sales team can use in the sales process.


Fuel other marketing channels

Landing pages are a great addition to any marketer's content arsenal since they can be shared in social media, used as the focus of dedicated email sends and in lead nurturing campaigns, be linked to in PPC ads, and get found in organic search.


Campaign insights

By tracking and analysing the metrics associated with your landing pages, you can collect a lot of insight into your marketing performance, such as how your various marketing offers compare, how visitors and leads are converting on your landing pages over time, and more.